Affiliated to to the NRA and NSRA

Welcome to our Home Page

We are situated in the County of Surrey, eleven miles SE of Guildford, ten miles from the towns of Dorking, Guildford and Horsham and just three miles from Cranleigh.

The club was formed in 1911 and was privileged to have new premises constructed in 1982 comprising a three lane 25/20 metre indoor range, clubroom, male/female toilets, h/c water and a safety zone, all of which are covered by top level security arrangements. It is also equipped with a supply and extract ventilation system.




Ewhurst Rifle and Pistol Club has boasted many top marksmen and women over the years. Some of whom have, and still do, shoot at national and international level. Shooting is also a team sport in many forms. At Ewhurst we have a very long history of participation in the Surrey Postal Competition League attaining high honours on numerous occasions. Internal competitions are also held annually. Of these, many are organised on a handicap system so all abilities are equal.


The club is built upon its own plot and until 1981 consisted of nothing more than an aged tin shed but, after much fund raising and the help of sports grants, the club is now housed in a purpose built brick range and club house.

The range is designed to allow

    • 25 yard prone (laying on one's front) .22 calibre rifle
    • 20 yard standing .22 sport rifle
    • 20 yard standing .38 gallery rifle
    • 10 yard and 20 yard air pistol / rifle
    • 20 yard muzzle loaded pistol

Outside shoots are often organised over longer distances at Bisley.